Digital trace enables advertisers and agencies to get the most out of their digital marketing


  • Campaign automation for YouTube, Facebook and Instagram
  • Intelligent campaign setup and optimization technology
  • Holistic optimization across all platforms
  • With each campaign the algorithm keeps on learning

Digital trace automates campaigns to optimize costs and results

How it works

  1. Deep data driven identification of success drivers
  2. Automated creation and adaption of microsegments
  3. Continuous dynamic budget optimization

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Data driven optimization decreases costs and increases relevance

Steffen Herterich

Steffen Herterich CEO

Pushing the boundaries of marketing

As an advertiser, programmatic advertising promises you the opportunity to target your ads with almost perfect efficiency

In reality, the efficiency gains are often reduced by manual tasks. Campaign management by hand means testing by trial and error, manual adaptations in different front ends of different platforms, retrieval of reports and comparison of results. Progress comes at a slow rate. Each campaign delivers only few insights and optimizations.

Digital Trace empowers you to get back in control of your advertising.

Adem Kelpetin

Adem Kelpetin CTO

We trace success factors through technology

Our solutions enable you to put the optimal targeting into place automatically. The Digital Trace algorithms constantly learn which factors contribute to your success and which factors do not. It is my strong belief, that a powerful automation like this should always have your best interest at heart. So we created a highly flexible and customizable system to assure that all optimization factors and objectives can be configured according to your individual needs.

Our approach makes use of data and technology to finally make your advertising work out.



  1. Chose your service model: „technology fee“ or full „campaign as a service“ with fixed price media packages
  2. Use our advertiser account or bring your own (plug and play solution upon account access)
  3. Customized audiences for every industry and campaign
  4. Customize and combine KPIs to reach your individual campaign objective
  5. Optimizing your campaigns 365 days a year
  6. Campaign ready in 24 hours

Phil Schnier Account Management

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